SAINT 2010: Seoul, Korea



Network Systems

Mobile and Wireless I

Mobile and Wireless II

Short Papers I

Short Papers II

Symposium Student Session I: Application

Symposium Student Session II: User Support

Symposium Student Session III: Mobile & Wireless

Symposium Student Session IV: Security

Symposium Student Session V: Social Network

Symposium Student Session VI: P2P

Management and Application of Ubiquitous Sensor Data (EUCASS 2010)

Ubiquitous Services and Platforms (EUCASS 2010)

Applications (C3NET 2010)

Architectures (C3NET 2010)

Challenges on Preventing Malicious Activities (NETSAP 2010)

Theoretical Security Issues (NETSAP 2010)

Single Sign-On & Federation (MidArch 2010)

Network Middleware (MidArch 2010)

Trust and ITeS (ITeS 2010)

ITeS and Payment (ITeS 2010)

ITeS and Infrastructure (ITeS 2010)

Next Generation Networks (HSNCE 2010)

Applications for Next Generation Networks (HSNCE 2010)

Intrusion Detection & Vulnerabilities (CSnP 2010)

Emerging Security Issues & Panel on Smart Phone Security (CSnP 2010)

Ubiquitous Healthcare Systems (CbuH 2010)

Ubiquitous Healthcare Management (CbuH 2010)

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