European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems

37th SAFECOMP 2018: Västerås, Sweden

36th SAFECOMP 2017: Trento, Italy

35th SAFECOMP 2016: Trondheim, Norway

34th SAFECOMP 2015: Delft, The Netherlands

33rd SAFECOMP 2014: Florence, Italy

32nd SAFECOMP 2013: Toulouse, France

31st SAFECOMP 2012: Magdeburg, Germany

30th SAFECOMP 2011: Naples, Italy

29th SAFECOMP 2010: Vienna, Austria

28th SAFECOMP 2009: Hamburg, Germany

27th SAFECOMP 2008: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

26th SAFECOMP 2007: Nuremberg, Germany

25th SAFECOMP 2006: Gdansk, Poland

24th SAFECOMP 2005: Fredrikstad, Norway

23rd SAFECOMP 2004: Potsdam, Germany

22nd SAFECOMP 2003: Edinburgh, UK

21st SAFECOMP 2002: Catania, Italy

20st SAFECOMP 2001: Budapest, Hungary

19st SAFECOMP 2000: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

18st SAFECOMP 1999: Toulouse, France

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17st SAFECOMP 1998: Heidelberg, Germany

16st SAFECOMP 1997: York, UK

Proceedings: Workshops in Computing, Springer

14st SAFECOMP 1995: Villa Carlotta, Belgirate, Italy

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