OTM Workshops 2010: Hersonissos, Crete, Greece

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On the Move 2010 Keynotes

Posters and Industry Papers of the COOPIS 2010 International Conference


Agents/ Industry Panel

Posters of the DOA 2010 International Conference

Posters of the ODBASE 2010 International Conference

Workshop on Adaptation in serVice EcosYsTerms and ArchiTectures (AVYTAT 2010)

Adaptation in Service-Oriented Architectures

Workshop on Ambient Data Integration (ADI 2010)

Ambient Intelligence and Reasoning

Data Integration Approaches

Modeling in ADI

Workshop on DATA Visualization and Integration in Enterprises and on the Web (DATAVIEW 2010)

Web and Enterprise Data Visualization

Semantic Web Data Integration and Visualization

Workshop on Enterprise Integraion, Interoperability and Networking (EI2N 2010)

IE2N Keynote Paper

Enterprise Integration and Semantics

Industrial Enterprise Interoperability and Networking

Workshop on Information Systems in Distributed Environment (ISDE 2010)

Process Management in Distributed Information System Development

Distributed Information Systems: Implementation Issues

Workshop on MObile and NEtworking Technologies for social applications (MONET 2010)

Improving Social Networking: Service-Oriented Architectures, Location-Based Services, and Multimodality

Adaptive Issues and Solutions in Networking and Mobile Applications

Workshop on Ontology Content (OnToContent 2010)

Ontology Engineering

Ontology in Social Entreprise

Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling (ORM 2010)

Data Integration

Master Data Management and Metamodeling

Logic and Derivation

Patterns in Input Data and Data Models

Workshop on P2P Collaborative Distributed Virtual Environments (P2P CDVE 2010)

Workshop on Semantic and Decision Support (SeDeS 2010)

Workshop IFIP on Semantic Web and Web Semantics (SWWS 2010)

On The Move Academy (OTMA 2010)

Position Papers

Technical Papers

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