14th MDM 2013: Milan, Italy

Advanced seminars

PhD Posters

LBS n.0 Session 1: Managing Billions of GPS Records

LBS n.0 Session 2: Advanced Applications: Indoor Positioning and Collaborative Parking

PriSMO Session 1: Challenges in Privacy Protection

PriSMO Session 2: Trajectories and Novel Information Flows

PriSMO Session 3: Spatial Data Transformations for Privacy Preservation

MobiSocial Session 1: Mobile Social Data Mining and Query Processing

MobiSocial Session 2: Mobile Social Data Management

MobiSocial Session 3: Mobile Social Applications

HuMoComp Session 1: Modelling and Computation for Human Mobility

HuMoComp Session 2: Understanding Human Mobility with GPS Sensors

mCloud Session 1: Data and Architecture

mCloud Session 2: Modeling and Performance Management

mCloud Session 3: Security and System Design

Workshop on Field Speech and Mobile Data (FSMD)

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