11th MASS 2014: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mobile Sensing Systems

Cellular Networks

Indoor Sensing

Neighborhood and Context Discovery


Foundations of Social Sensing

Infrastructure Sensing Applications

Information Services

Short Papers: Experimental Systems, Protocols, and Applications

Short Papers: Algorithms and Theory

Mobile Device Energy Efficiency


Low-Power Wireless Protocols

Content Dissemination

Location Tracking


Multihop Wireless Networks

Distributed Algorithms



Workshop on Software-Defined Internets of the Future - WSDIF 2014

Workshop on CellulAR Traffic Offloading to Opportunistic Networks (CARTOON Workshop)

The Third Annual International Workshop on Mission-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networking - MiSeNet 2014

The Second International Workshop on Compressive Sensing in Cyber-Physical Systems - CSCPS

First National Workshop for REU Research in Networking and Systems - REUNS'14

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