6th LREC 2008: Marrakech, Morocco

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Session O1 - Information Extraction and Question Answering

Session O2 - LRs: Infrastructures, Projects, Centers

Session O3 - Corpus, Lexicon and Evaluation

Session O4 - Multiparty and non-Verbal Communication

Session O5 - Spatio-Temporal Annotation

Session O6 - Syntax and Parsing

Session O7 - Document Classification

Session O8 - Multimodal Annotation Tools

Session O9 - Lexicon, Corpus and Semantics

Session O10 - Multimodal and Speech Data over the Web

Session O11 - Coreference and Discourse

Session O12 - Named Entity Recognition

Session O13 - Parallel and Multilingual Resources

Session O14 - Evaluation Tools and Methodologies

Session O15 - LRs: Large Programs, Policies, Strategies

Session O16 - Biomedical Resources

Session O17 - Semantics in Lexicons and Corpora

Session O18 - Affect and Emotion in Speech

Session O19 - Opinion Mining and Summarization

Session O20 - Coreference and Discourse

Session O21 - Semantic Resources and Acquisition

Session O22 - Speaker and Dialect Identification

Session O23 - Corpus Annotation and Classification

Session O24 - Machine Translation and Multilinguality

Session O25 - Evaluation

Session O26 - Broadcast News Processing

Session O27 - Ontologies