KES 2008: Zagreb, Croatia

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Artificial Intelligence Driven Engineering Design Optimization

Biomedical Informatics: Intelligent Information Management from Nanomedicine to Public Health

Communicative Intelligence

Computational Intelligence for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Computational Intelligence in Human Cancer Research

Computational Intelligence Techniques for Web Personalization

Computational Intelligent Techniques for Bioprocess Modelling, Monitoring and Control

Intelligent Computing for Grid

Intelligent Security Techniques

Intelligent Utilization of Soft Computing Techniques

Reasoning-Based Intelligent Systems

Relevant Reasoning for Discovery and Prediction

Spatio-Temporal Database Concept Support for Organizing Virtual Earth

Advanced Knowledge-Based Systems

Chance Discovery

Innovation-Oriented Knowledge Management Platform

Knowledge-Based Creativity Support Systems

Knowledge-Based Interface Systems [I]

Knowledge-Based Interface Systems [II]

Knowledge-Based Multi-criteria Decision Support