IWCMC 2016: Paphos, Cyprus

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TM-1: Invited Papers

TA-1: Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TRAC Workshop)

TA-2: LTE and Beyond (Wireless Networking Symposium)

TA-3: Network Security (Security Symposium)

TA-4: Smart Devices and Location (Mobile Computing Symposium)

TA-5: Multimedia Transmissions (Multimedia Symposium)

TA-6: Crowdsourcing (General Symposium)

TA-7: 5G Communications Techniques (5G Workshop)

TA-8: Architecture, Management, and Control (Vehicular Symposium)

TA-9: Distributed Algorithms (Wireless Networking Symposium)

TA-10: Multimedia Computing (Multimedia Symposium)

TA-11: Network Science (TRAC Workshop)

TA-12: Routing (Wireless Networking Symposium)

TA-13: Cooperative (General Symposium)

TA-14: Advances Towards Efficient 5G Communications (5G Workshop)

WM-1: Spectrum Sensing (Wireless Networking Symposium)

WM-2: Network Security (TRAC Workshop)

WM-3: WSN-Based Monitoring Systems (WSNs Symposium)

WM-4: System Security (Security Symposium)

WM-5: Wireless/Cognitive Networks (Communication and Information Theory)

WM-6: Multimedia Services (Multimedia Symposium)

WA-1: Mobility and Coverage in WSN (WSNs Symposium)