iThings/CPScom 2011: Dalian, China

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2011 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings 2011)

Architecture and Infrastructure I

Architecture and Infrastructure II

System Design, Modeling, and Evaluation

Intelligent Information Processing

Networks and Communications

Applications: Business and Social Issues

2011 IEEE International Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom 2011)

Invited Papers I

Invited Papers II

Cyber-Physical Systems and Society

Pervasive Social Computing I

Pervasive Social Computing II

Sensor/Actuator Networks

Security, Privacy, and Trust

Applications and Services

International Workshop on Universal User Modeling and Applications (UUMA 2011)

User Modeling

Algorithms and Methods

Systems and Applications

International Workshop on Resilience and ICT for Secure Open Cities (ReISOC 2011)

International Workshop on the Trend and Future of Web Science (TFWS 2011)

International Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Social Learning (TESL 2011)

New Models and Systems for Social Learning Support

Social Learning Pedagogy and Strategy, and Language Learning

International Workshop on Sensing, Networking, and Computing with Smartphones (PhoneCom 2011)

International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems and Applications (CPSA 2011)

Applications and Services

Modeling and Design

International Workshop on the Future Design of the Internet of Things (DOIoT 2011)

Value, Space, and Time

Security, Authentication, and Applications