41st ISR / 6th ROBOTIK 2010: Munich, Germany

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Tactile and Acoustic Sensing

Localization and Mapping 1

Learning and Adaptation

Human-Robot Collaboration

3D Vision 1

Localization and Mapping 2

Industrial Human-Robot Cooperation

Motion Planning

Poster Session 1

3D Vision 2

Localization and Mapping 3

Personal Human-Robot Cooperation

Robot Control of Machining Processes

Applications for Vision Sensors

Path Planning and Navigation 1

Industrial Grasping Applications

Force Torque Control

Safety Applications

Path Planning and Navigation 2

Anthropomorphic Arms and Hands

Simulation and Programming

Exploration and Perception

Humanoid Robotics 1

Vision-Based Manipulation

Invited Industrial Session 1

Industrial Robot Modeling

Poster Session 2

Service Robots 1