ISPAN 2009: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Keynote Presentations

Area 1: Algorithms and Applications

Interconnection Networks

Distributed and Parallel Processing

Area 2: Architectures and Systems

Multi-core Architectures and Distributed Systems

Intelligent Systems

Area 3: Ubiquitous Computing and Systems

Ubiquitous Systems and Middleware

Ubiquitous Networking

Area 4: Network and Data Communications

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Network and Communication Theory

Service Computing


Area 5: Internet and Web Technology

Area 6: Biomedical Informatics

Medical Document Processing

Intelligent Medical Information Systems

Area 7: Intelligent Systems and Informatics

Intelligent Systems

Soft Computing

Area 8: Multimedia Technology

Multimedia Network Transmission

Multimedia Signal Processing

Area 9: Cloud/Grid Computing Technologies, Applications, and Services

Grid and Cloud Computing

Grid and Cloud Applications

Graph Theory and Networks I

Graph Theory and Networks II

The 2009 International Workshop on Vehicular Communications, Networks, and Applications (VCNA 2009)

Routing in VANETs

Data Communication in VANETs

Security and OFDM Transmission in VANETs

The 2009 International Workshop on Grid Computing, Applications, and Technologies (GridCAT 2009)

Services and Applications

Resource Management

The Third International Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Smart Home (WISH 2009)