ISCC 1997: Alexandria, Egypt

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Opening Session (Invited)

Internet Services (Plenary)

Modeling of Networks

ATM Networks

Intelligent Networks & Signaling

Multimedia Applications

Speech & Image Coding

Advanced Computing Software

Invited Session

Invited Session

Performance Analysis of Networks

Wireless Networks, Modeling & Performance

Advanced Computer Applications

Optical Networks-1: Transport Applications

Methods & Tools for Network Design, Analysis & Testing

Satellite Mobile Systems

Multimedia Transport

Fault Tolerance & Service Quality

Wireless Networks (Plenary)

Dynamic Routing in Telecommunications Networks: Architecture, Experience & Trends (Panel Discussion)

Invited Session

Broadband Networks

Security in Distributed Systems

Wireless Networks: Propagation, Multiple Access & Receiver Design

Optical Networks-2: Performance & Protocol

Distributed Parallel Computing

Wireless Networks: Roaming & Network Design

Reliable Networking Architectures