IRI 2006: Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

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Session 1A: Internet computing

Session 1B: Space and robotic systems

Session 1C: Large scale data integration

Session 1D: Manufacturing systems and commmand and control

Session 2A: Information assurance I

Session 2B: Soft computing, agent based systems I

Session 2C: Evolutionary computing I

Session 2D: Knowledge management I (E-Government)

Session 3A: Information assurance II

Session 3B: Soft computing, agent based systems II

Session 3C: Evolutionary computing II

Session 3D: Knowledge management II (Acquisition)

Session 4A: Biomedical systems I

Session 4B: Component Based Design I

Session 4C: Heuristic search and optimization I

Session 4D IEEE 1st international workshop on software architectures and components integration (IEEE SACI 2006)

Session 5A: Biomedical systems II

Session 5B: Component Based Design II

Session 5C: Heuristic search and optimization II

Session 7A: Multimedia reuse and integration

Session 7B: Fuzzy and neural systems

Session 7C: Human Machine information systems, knowledge discovery

Session 7D: Data Mining and Knowledge Disovery

Session 8A: Reuse in software engineering

Session 8B: Natural language understanding, AI and decision support

Session 8C: Modeling and simulation

Session 8D: Sensory and information fusion

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