IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT)

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      INTERACT 2023: York, UK

      INTERACT 2021: Bari, Italy

      INTERACT 2019: Paphos, Cyprus

      INTERACT 2017: Mumbai, India

      INTERACT 2015: Bamberg, Germany

      INTERACT 2013: Cape Town, South Africa

      INTERACT 2011: Lisbon, Portugal

      INTERACT 2009: Uppsala, Sweden

      INTERACT 2007: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

      INTERACT 2005: Rome, Italy

      INTERACT 2005 Home Page

      INTERACT 2003: Zurich, Switzerland

      INTERACT 2001: Tokyo, Japan

      INTERACT 1999: Edinburgh, UK

      INTERACT 1997: Sydney, NSW, Australia

      INTERACT 1995: Lillehammer, Norway

      INTERCHI 1993: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      INTERACT 1990: Cambridge, UK

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