9. IMIS 2015: Santa Cantarina, Brazil

IMIS 2015

Session 1: MANETs and VANETs

Session 2: Multimedia and Medical Applications

Session 3: Wireless Sensor Networks

Session 4: Network Protocols and Applications

Session 5: Location and Context-Aware Computing

Session 6: Intelligent Computing

Session 7: Security, Trust and Privacy

Session 8: Cloud Computing and P2P

BDITS 2015

Session 1: Network Resource Management and Intrusion Detection

Session 2: Big Data, Cloud Computing and Security

esIoT 2015

Session 1: Networking, Security and IPv6 for the IoT

Session 2: Adaptive IoT

Session 3: IoT Solutions

ITAUC 2015

Session 1: Intelligent Techniques and Algorithms for Ubiquitous Computing

MCNCS 2015

Session 1: Security, Wireless Sensor Network


Session 1: Security Issues in Public Internet Services

Session 2: Privacy and Social Issues in Public Internet Services


Session 1: Sustainability Management of e-Business and Information Management

Session 2: Ubiquitous Commerce Engineering and Operation Management

WAIS 2015

Session 1: Privacy and Security

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