17th IJCAI 2001: Seattle, Washington, USA

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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Cognitive Robotics

Structure-Based Causality

Spatial Reasoning

Qualitative Reasoning for Biological Systems

Temporal Reasoning

Belief Revision

Action and Causality


Description Logics

Complexity Analysis

Description Logics and Conceptual Graphs

Description Logics and Formal Concept Analysis

Search, Satisfiability, and Constraint Satisfaction Problems



Constraint Satisfaction Problems


Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling - Diagramatic Reasoning

Cognitive Modeling - Categorization

Cognitive Modeling - Perceptual Grounding


Panning with Forward Search

Domain Analysis for Planning

Search Heuristics in Planning

Planning with Incomplete Information

Planning with Temporal Uncertainty

Complexity of Planning




Hierarchical Diagnosis and Monitoring

Logic Programming and Theorem Proving

Logic Programming

Theorem Proving

Answer Set Programming

Logic Programming

Uncertainty amd Probabilistic Reasoning

Probabilistic Reasoning

Factored Markov Decision Procedures

Markov Decision Processes


Probabilistic Reasoning

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Agent Systems

Reinforcement Learning / Robotics

Inductive Logic Programming

Probabilistic Learning

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Machine Learning

Knowledge Acquisition

Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Case-Based Reasoning

Multi-Agent Systems

Multi-Agent Games