29. ICPP Workshops 2000: Toronto, Canada

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Workshop on Pervasive Computing

Session 1

Steven A. Shafer: Invited Talk.

Session 2: Models and Metaphors

Session 3: Architectures and Systems

Session 4: Location and Data Services

Workshop on Scalable Web Services

Session 1: Networking

Session 2: Web Servers

Session 3: Application Architecture

Workshop on Metacomputing Systems and Applications

Session 1: Communication and Metacomputing Infrastructures

Session 2: Scientific Applications and Distributed Computing

Workshop on High Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing with Applications

Session 1: Algorithms

Session 2: Fault Tolerance and Reliability

Session 3: Applications I

Session 4: Performance Modeling and Evaluation

Session 5: Cache and File Systems

Session 6: Cluster Computing

Session 7: Applications II

Workshop on Network-Based Computing

Session 1: Communication in Network-Based Parallel Systems

Session 2: Scheduling in Network-Based Parallel Systems

Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Multimedia Systems

Session 1

Prashant Mohapatra: Invited Talk.

Session 2

Session 3

Workshop on Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

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