20th ICPADS 2014: Hsinchu, Taiwan

20th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2014)

Session 1A: Best Paper Award Presentation

Session 2A: Mobile Computing I

Session 2B: Cloud Computing I

Session 2C: Multicore Computing I

Session 3A: Mobile Computing II

Session 3B: Cloud Computing II

Session 3C: Multicore Computing II

Session 4A: Mobile Computing III

Session 4B: Cloud Computing III

Session 4C: Multicore Computing III

Session 5A: Mobile Computing IV

Session 5B: Cloud Computing IV

Session 5C: Multicore Computing IV

Session 6A: Mobile Computing V

Session 6B: Parallel/Distributed Algorithms I

Session 6C: Multicore Computing V

Session 7A: Mobile Computing VI

Session7B: Parallel/Distributed Algorithms II

Session 7C: Big Data I

Session 8A: Mobile Computing VII

Session 8B: Parallel/Distributed Algorithms III

Session 8C: Big Data II

Session 9A: Peer-to-Peer Computing I

Session 9B: Parallel/Distributed Algorithms IV

Session 9C: Peer-to-Peer Computing II

International Workshop on Advanced Data Delivery and Security Techniques in Wireless and Mobile Networks (ADST-WMN 2014)

The 2014 International Symposium on Ubiquitous and Cloud Computing Frontiers and International Workshop on Scheduling and Resource Management in Cloud (UCCF and SRMC 2014)

The 2nd International Workshop on Internet of Things Technologies (IoTT 2014)