iConference 2019: Washington, DC, USA

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Scientific Work and Data Practices

Methodological Concerns in (Big) Data Research

Concerns About "Smart" Interactions and Privacy

Identity Questions in Online Communities

Measuring and Tracking Scientific Literature

Limits and Affordances of Automation

Collecting Data about Vulnerable Populations

Supporting Communities Through Public Libraries and Infrastructure

Information Behaviors in Academic Environments

Data-Driven Storytelling and Modeling

Online Activism

Digital Libraries, Curation and Preservation

Social-Media Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Data and Information in the Public Sphere

Engaging with Multi-media Content

Understanding Online Behaviors and Experiences

Algorithms at Work

Innovation and Professionalization in Technology Communities

Information Behaviors on Twitter

Data Mining and NLP

Informing Technology Design Through Offline Experiences

Digital Tools for Health Management

Environmental and Visual Literacy

Addressing Social Problems in iSchools Research

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