ICME Workshops 2019: Shanghai, China

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Workshop Papers

W-01: Multimedia Services and Technologies for smart-health (MUST-SH 2019)

Oral Session 1

Oral Session 2

Oral Session 3

Oral Session 4

W-02: International Joint Workshop on Multimedia Artworks Analysis and Attractiveness Computing in Multimedia (MMArt-ACM 2019)

Oral Session 1: Multimedia Artworks Analysis

Oral Session 2: Attractiveness Computing in Multimedia

W-03: Visual Emotion Analysis: Theories and Applications

W-04: 1st International Workshop on Big Surveillance Data Analysis and Processing

Oral Session 1: Object Motion Analysis in Big Surveillance Videos

Oral Session 2: Human & Action Sensing for Big Surveillance Videos

W-05: Multimedia for Robot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Driverless Car

Oral Session 1

Oral Session 2

W-06: Information Theory and Multimedia Computing (ITMC2019)

Oral Session 1

Oral Session 2

Oral Session 3

W-07: 6th IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Computing (MMC 2019)

Oral Session 1

Oral Session 2

W-08: Time-sequenced Multimedia Computing

W-09: Smart Camera (Gigavision)

Oral Session 1

Oral Session 2

W-10: Cross-media Big Data Analysis for Semantic Knowledge Reasoning and Transfer

Oral Session 1: Knowledge Transfer Methods in Vision and Language

Oral Session 2: Knowledge Transfer Related Application

W-11: AI Technology for Visual Fashion Computing

W-12: 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Faces in Multimedia (FacesMM 2019)

W-13: The Third Workshop on Human Identification in Multimedia (HIM'19)

Oral Session 1: Human Identification

Oral Session 2: Detection and Tracking

Oral Session 3: Multimedia Processing

Industry Track


Demo Session 1

Demo Session 2

Grand Challenge