ICIC 2014: Taiyuan, China

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Soft Computing

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms

Unsupervised Learning

Kernel Methods and Supporting Vector Machines

Machine Learning

Fuzzy Theory and Algorithms

Image Processing

Intelligent Computing in Computer Vision

Intelligent Computing in Communication Networks

Intelligent Image/Document Retrievals

Intelligent Data Analysis and Prediction

Intelligent Agent and Web Applications

Intelligent Fault Diagnosis

Knowledge Representation/Reasoning

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics

Next-Gen Sequencing and Metagenomics

Special Session on Intelligent Computing in Scheduling and Engineering Optimization

Special Session on Advanced Modeling, Control and Optimization Techniques for Complex Engineering Systems

Special Session on Complex Networks and Their Applications

Special Session on Time Series Forecasting and Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks

Special Session on Computer Human Interaction Using Multiple Visual Cues and Intelligent Computing

Special Session on Biometric System and Security for Intelligent Computing

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