21st ICIAP 2022: Lecce, Italy - Workshops - Part II

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Human Behaviour Analysis for Smart City Environment Safety - HBAxSCES

Binary is the New Black (and White): Recent Advances on Binary Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence for Preterm Infants' HealthCare - AI-Care

Towards a Complete Analysis of People: From Face and Body to Clothes - T-CAP

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Humanities - AI4DH

Medical Transformers - MEDXF

Learning in Precision Livestock Farming - LPLF

Workshop on Small-Drone Surveillance, Detection and Counteraction Techniques - WOSDETC

Medical Imaging Analysis for Covid-19 - MIACOVID 2022

Novel Benchmarks and Approaches for Real-World Continual Learning - CL4REAL

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