5th ICESS 2008: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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Session 1. Wireless Sensor Networks (I)

Session 2. Real Time Systems

Session 3. Power-Aware Computing

Session 4. Security and Fault Tolerance

Session 5. Hardware/Software Codesign

Session 6. Embedded Software Optimization and Simulation

Session 7. Embedded Architecture

Session 8. Network Protocols

Session 9. Multimedia and Data Management

Session 10. Wireless Sensor Networks (II)

Session 11. Embedded System Optimization (I)

Session 12. Compilation and Application-Specific Instruction Set

Session 13. Embedded Software Optimization (II)

Session 14. Systems-on-Chips

Session 15. Embedded Hardware

Session 16. Embedded System Optimization (II)

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