21st ICDE 2005: Tokyo, Japan

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This year ICDE received a record-breaking 521 submissions to the research track. The program committee has selected 67 of these as full papers for the 2005 conference. Following the tradition of recent ICDE conferences, a further 33 submissions have been invited for poster presentation.



Data Stream Mining

Schema Matching

Caching and View Maintenance

Sensor Networks

Querying Ordered Data

Privacy-Preserving Data Management

P2P and Data Dissemination

XML Query Processing (I)

DBMS Architecture and Performance


XML Indexing and Dissemination



Data Integration

Query Processing

Privacy and Security

Data Warehousing

Text Processing

Nearest Neighbors

Data and Dynamics

XML Query Processing (II)

Indexing and Data Aggregation

Distributed Streams

Storage Systems

Enhancing Usability

XML Filtering

Industrial Paper Session 1: Query Processing and Optimization

Industrial Paper Session 2: DB Research in Japanese Industry

Industrial Paper Session 3: New System Functions for DBMS

Industrial Paper Session 4: DBMS Implementation