20th ICDE 2004: Boston, MA, USA

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Keynote Speakers

Research Sessions

Indexing (I)

Semi-Structured Data and XML (I)

Data Mining (I)

Query Processing (I)

Distributed, Parallel, Mobile (I)

Spatio-Temporal Querying

Query Processing (II)

Semi-Structured Data and XML (II)

Indexing (II)


Data Mining (II)

Distributed, Parallel, Mobile (II)

Streams and Sensors

Middleware, Workflow

Web Data Management

Middleware, Security

Database Applications (I)

Data Warehouse and OLAP

Semi-Structured Data and XML (III

Scientific, Biological Databases, Bio-informatics

Database Applications (II)

Industrial Paper

Data Warehousing


Enterprise Systems

Data and the Web

Poster Sessions

Indexing, Clustering, Data Mining

Indexing, Query Processing, XML

Demo Sessions


Advanced Seminars