27th ICDCS 2007: Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Workshops

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The 5th Int. Workshop on Mobile Distributed Computing (MDC'07)

Session 1: Ad Hoc Networks

Session 2: Mobile and Wireless Systems

Session 3: Distributed and Pervasive Systems

The 4th International Workshop on Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networking (WWASN'07)

Session I: Routing

Session II: Routing and Mesh Networks

Session III: Sensor Networks (Data Dissemination and Security)

Session IV: Miscellaneous

The 1st Int. Workshop on Trust and Reputation Management in Massively Distributed Computing Systems (TRAM'07)

Building Trust and Reputation

Trust and Reputation Systems

Trust in Peer-to-Peer Networks

The 9th International Workshop on Multimedia Network on Systems and Applications (MNSA'07)

Session 1: Distributed Systems

Session 2: Multimedia Systems

Session 3: Wireless Communications

Session 4: Distributed Applications

The 7th International Workshop on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing (IWSAWC'07)

Toolkits and Frameworks

Wearable Sensors

Context Awareness

Smart Appliances and Environments

The Sixth International Workshop on Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks (ADSN'07)

Session 1: Assurance in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Session 2: Assurance Technologies and Applications

Session 3: Analysis of Assurance Methods

The First International Workshop on Distributed Event Processing, Systems and Applications (DEPSA'07)

Session 1: Gossip Protocols

Session 2: Applications

Session 3: Publish/Subscribe Systems

The First International Workshop on Cooperative Distributed Systems (CDS'07)

Session 1: Peer-to-Peer Systems and Frameworks

Session 2: Mobile Services

Session 3: Distributed Systems Applications

The First International Workshop on Specialized Ad Hoc Networks and Systems (SAHNS'07)

Session 1 (Short Papers): Miscellaneous Specialized Solutions for Ad Hoc Networks

Session 2: Specialized Solutions for Ad Hoc Communications

Session 3: Specialized Solutions for MANETs

Session 4: Specialized Solutions for VANETs and Opportunistic Networking

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