ICCSA 2017: Trieste, Italy

Workshop on Agricultural and Environmental Big Data Analytics (AEDBA 2017)

Workshop on Advanced Methods in Data Mining for Applications (AMDMA 2017)

Workshop on Advanced Smart Mobility and Transportation (ASMAT 2017)

Workshop on Advances in Information Systems and Technologies for Emergency Preparedness, Risk Assessment and Mitigation (ASTER 2017)

Workshop on Bio-inspired Computing and Applications (BIONCA 2017)

Workshop on Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM 2017)

Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (CAMSA 2017)

Workshop on Computational Geometry and Security Applications (CGSA 2017)

Workshop on Central Italy 2016 Earthquake: Computational Tools and Data Analysis for the Emergency Response, the Community Support and the Reconstruction Planning (CIEQ 17)

Workshop on Computational and Applied Statistics (CAS 2017)

Workshop on Computational Methods for Business Analytics (CMBA 2017)

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