ICCSA 2007: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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General Track Papers

Computational Methods, Algorithms and Applications

High Performance Technical Computing and Networks

Advanced and Emerging Applications

Information Systems and Information Technologies

Workshop and Technical Session Papers

Advanced Security Services

Advances in Web Based Learning

Component Based Software Engineering and Software Process Model

Computational Geometry and Applications

Computational Intelligence Approaches and Methods for Security Engineering

Digital Content Security and Management of Distributed Computing

Distributed Data and Storage System Management

Data Storage Devices and Systems

Hybrid Information Technology Using Computational Intelligence

Integrated Analysis and Intelligent Design Technology

Intelligent Image Mining

Information Services and Information Technologies

Intelligent Services and the Synchronization in Mobile Multimedia Networks

Mobile Communications

Modeling of Location Management in Mobile Information Systems

Molecular Simulations, Structures, and Processes

Optimization: Theories and Applications

Pattern Recognition and Ubiquitous Computing

Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling

Computational Science in Education

Wireless Sensor Networks

Virtual Reality in Scientific Applications and Learning

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