ICCD 1999: Austin, Texas, USA

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Session 1.1.1: Keynote Address

Session 1.3.1: Embedded Tutorial

Session 1.3.2: Applied Verification Techniques

Session 1.3.3: Computer Arithmetic

Session 1.4.1: Machines and Characterization

Session 1.4.2: Power and Noise Considerations in Microprocessor Design

Session 1.4.3: Architectures for Embedded Systems

Session 1.4.4: Built-In Self Test

Session 1.5.1: Intelligent Memory

Session 1.5.2: Performance and Area Optimization

Session 1.5.3: VLSI Implementation of Arithmetic Circuits

Session 1.5.4: Design Convergence

Session 1.6: Poster Presentations

Session 2.2.1: System Level Issues

Session 2.2.2: Compilers and Algorithms

Session 2.2.3: Test Generation and Delay Testing

Session 2.3.1: Microarchitecture

Session 2.3.2: Efficient State-Space Exploration

Session 2.3.3: Clocking and Analog Circuit Prototyping

Session 2.3.4: Embedded Tutorial

Invited Session 2.4.1: Digital Signal Processors

Session 2.4.2: Caching Approaches

Session 2.4.3: CMOS Circuit Design Techniques

Session 3.1: Plenary

Invited Session 3.2.1

Session 3.2.2: Logic Synthesis

Session 3.2.3: Hardware Software Partitioning and Synthesis

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