ICC 2000: New Orleans, LA, USA

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Volume 1

MNC01 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Equalization and Sequence Estimation

MNC02 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Fading Channels

MNP01 Personal Communications Mini-Symposium: QoS manangement in Wireless Networks

S01 Signal Processing and Coding for Storage

S02 Satellite and Space Communications: SATCOM System Performance Improvements

S03 Computer Communications: Medium Access

S04 Communications Software: Topics in Communications Software 1

S05 Network Operations and Management: Selected Topics in Network Management and Operations

S06 Multimedia: Advances in Video Communications

S07 Radio Communications: Radio Channels and Systems

MNC03 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Space Time Coding and Processing

MNC04 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Synchronization

MNP02 Personal Communications Mini-Symposium: Channel Resource Allocation and Performance Analysis

S08 Signal Processing and Communications Electronics: Digital Signal Processing for Receivers

S09 (a) Radio Communications Committee: New Results in Multiple Access for Radio

S09 (b) Radion Communications Committee: New Results in OFDM

S10 Satellite and Space Communication: SATCOM Signal Design

S11 Computer Communications: Packet Scheduling and Discarding

S12 Network Operations and Management: Operations and Management of Packet Networks in the New Millenium

S13 Multimedia: Multimedia Wireless Communications

S13 (a) Communications Software and Computer Communications: Topics in Communications Software 2

Volume 2

MNC05 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Turbo Codes and Iterative Decoding

MNC06 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Detection and Estimation