IASSIST Conference 2013: Cologne, Germany

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A1: Panel: Data Centers and Institutional Partnerships

A2: Panel: Managing Access to Restricted Data in Universities

A3: A DDI Tools Session: Examples and Application Challenges

A4: Proof of Concept: Data Citations: Linking Literature to Data and Measuring Impact

A5: Panel: Beyond Bits and Bytes: the Organizational Dimension of Digital Preservation

B1: Data Visualization and Mixed Methods Analysis: Using Geographic Data

B2: Research Data Management Infrastructures: Facilitating Access and Preservation

B3: Harnessing the Power of Data: Expanding Linkages

B4: Qualitative and Atypical Data: Expanding and Facilitating Usage

B5: Data Citation: In Principle and Practice

C2: Panel: Strategies and Models for Data Collection Development

C3: Integrating Data Management and Discovery

C4: Beyond Theory: Data Management in the "Real World"

C5: Facilitating Access to Sensitive Data

D2: Opening Access to Non-Digital and Historic Data

D4: DASISH: Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Science and the Humanities

D5: Perspectives: Challenges for Multi-Disciplinary Research Data Infrastructures

E1: IFDO: Institutional Data Policies in 40+ Countries

E2: Making Complex Confidential Microdata Useable

E3: Case Studies: Maximizing Usage of Important Datasets

E4: Case Studies in Research Data Management

E5: Never Say Never: Working with Seemingly Disparate Data

Pecha Kuchas


F1: Integrated Efforts: Discovery, Distribution and Preservation

F2: (SERSCIDA) Making New Connections: Developing Data Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia

F4: Expanding Scholarship: Research Journals and Data Linkages

G2: Panel: Data at a Distance: Using Technology to Increase Reference Reach