IASSIST Conference 2009: Tampere, Finland

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D2: Metadata Systems

D3: Spatial Data Access Issues: Enabling GIS

Plenary II


Plenary I

A1: Tools and Implementations of DDI 3.0

A2: Semi-Permeable Boundaries Among Institutions

A3: Practicing What We Provide: Surveying Users of Surveys

A4: Public Opinion Data: Over Time and Across the Globe

B1: Forging Links: Context and Content in Cultural and Educational Data

B2: Enhancing Data Sharing: Practices, Tools and Constraints

B3: Life Cycle Considerations for Research, Users and Archives

B4: Crossing Traditional Boundaries: Mobile Data-Based Resources

C1: Developing Best Practices for the DDI

C2: Sharing Data: High Rewards, Formidable Barriers

C3: Mobilizing Data in the Learning Environment

C4: Data Sharing Across the Disciplines

D1: Tag - You're it! DDI Applications and Experiences

D2: Future of IASSIST

D3: Ideal IRB

D4: Just the Same, but Different: Comparison Across National Contexts

E1: IASSIST Futures

E3: Qualitative Data: Understandings, Tools and Strategies for Sharing


Plenary II

F1: Foundations First: Laying the Groundwork for Building Partnerships First

F2: Protecting Privacy While Preserving Access: Restricted Use Data and Disclosure Considerations

F3: Beyond and Behind the Numbers: Metadata, Codebooks and Publications

F4: Building on Data: Resources, Tools and Applications

G1: DDI Across the Lifecycle

G2: Making Space: Issues in Linking Data and Geographies

G3: Building Data Archives and User Communities: Greece, Estonia and Ethiopia

Plenary III

A1: Recent Developments in the DDI Implementation Landscape I

B1: Metadata Production Tools

E4: Panel: Unlocking the Power of Restricted Data: A Discussion among Researchers, Producers, and Data Service Providers

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