HICSS 1998: Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA

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Volume 1

New Curriculum and Courses: Developing Real World Experience

Group Support Systems

Distributed GSS

Organizational Memory

The Dynamics of Business Systems Engineering

Negotiation Support Systems Frameworks, Implementations and Evaluations

Panel Discussion: The Use of Negotiation Support Technology on the Web

Technology-Supported Learning

Asynchronous Learning Networks ("ALN's")

Collaboration Technology - Theory & Methodology

The Adoption and Diffusion of Collaborative Systems and Technology

GSS for Learning

Group Support Systems Userb Experiences

Volume 2

Coping with Information Overload

Multi-Media InformationSystems

Genre in Digital Documents

Libraries for Digital Documents

Documents in Organizationsand the Workplace

Digital Documents In Context: Organization And Creation

Volume 3

Restructuring the Electric Power Industry: Emerging Issues, Methods & Tools