FGCS 1992: Tokyo, Japan

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Plenary Sessions

Keynote Speech

General Report on ICOT Research and Development

Report on ICOT Research Results

Invited Lectures


ICOT Sessions

Parallel VLSI-CAD and KBM Systems

Parallel Operating System, PIMOS

Genetic Information Processing

Constraint Logic Programming and Parallel Theorem Proving

Natural Language Progressing

Parallel Inference Machine (PIM)


Reasoning about Programs


Abduction (1)

Abduction (2)

Semantics of Logic Programming

Invited Paper

Machine Learning

Theorem Proving

Functional Programming and Constructive Logic

Temporal Reasoning

Architectures & Software

Hardware Architecture and Evaluation

Invited Paper

AND-Parallelism and OR-Parallelism

Implementations Techniques

Extension of Logic Programming

Task Scheduling and Load Analysis


Databases and Distributed Systems

Programming Environment

Production Systems

Applications & Social Implications

Constraint Logic Programming

Qualitative Reasoning

Knowledge Representation

Panel Discussion: Future Direction of Next Generation Applications

Knowledge-Based Systems

Legal Reasoning

Natural Language Processing

Knowledge Support Systems

Parallel Applications

Invited Paper

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