25th Euro-Par 2019 Workshops: Göttingen, Germany

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Auto-DASP - Workshop on Autonomic Solutions for Parallel and Distributed Data Stream Processing

COLOC - Workshop on Data Locality

F2C-DP - Workshop on Fog-to-Cloud Distributed Processing

FPDAPP - Workshop on Future Perspective of Decentralised Applications

HeteroPar - Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Platforms

HPCN - High Performance Computing and Networking in Aerospace

LSDVE - Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments

ParaMo - International Workshop on Parallel Programming

PCDLifeS - Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Life Sciences: Algorithms, Methodologies and Tools

PMACS - Performance Monitoring and Analysis of Cluster Systems

Resilience - Workshop on Resiliency in High Performance Computing with Clouds, Grids, and Cluster

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