26th EUROMICRO 2000: Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Volume I

K1 Keynote

K2 Keynote

K3 Keynote

K4 Keynote

K5 Keynote

Decomposition-based Logic Synthesis

System Design

Design Validation using Formal Methods

Technology-Driven Logic Synthesis

New Approaches to Logic Synthesis

DFT and Testing

FPGA-Targetted and Non-Binary Logic Design

High Level Design

FPGA-based Processors

Memory-Oriented Architectures

Instruction Level Paralellism

Algorithm-Oriented Architectures

Configurable Architectures

High-Speed Processing

IP and Design Reuse

System C

Multimedia Networking (Transmission)

Volume II

Multimedia System Architecture

Multimedia in Education and Open/Distance Learning - Part 1

Multimedia in Education and Open/Distance Learning - Part 2

Database and Digital Libraries

Hypermedia Applications and E-Commerce

Co-operative Multimedia Systems - Part 1

Co-operative Multimedia Systems - Part 2

Safety Critical Systems

Software Testing

Software Organizations and Business Processes

Validation of Software

Management of the Software Process

European Software Day

Music Technology (Modelling and Theory)

Music Technology (Applications)

Communication and Information Systems

Invited Talks

Diagnostic Support


Invited Talk