DG.O 2023: Gdańsk, Poland

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TRACK 1: Data-driven Governance through Information Retrieval and Decision Support Systems

TRACK 2: Collaborative Intelligence: Humans, Crowds, and Machines

TRACK 3: Innovative Services in Government: When Data-Driven Services Meet Evidence-Based Policy

TRACK 4: Cybersecurity in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

TRACK 5: Design Models and Platforms for Trust Enhancing Smart Cities

TRACK 6: Social Media and Government

TRACK 7: Cross-border Governance and Service Impact Assessment

TRACK 8: Developing Active Citizenship to Boost Citizen Engagement through Digital Government

TRACK 9: Beyond Bureaucracy: Self-governance of the Public Sphere and Innovative Use of Technology by Civil Society

TRACK 11: Digital Transformation in Governments

TRACK 12: Assessing and Realizing Artificial Intelligence in Government

TRACK 13: Organizational Factors, Adoption Issues and Value Creation of Digital Government

TRACK 14: Blockchain-based Applications for e-Government

TRACK 15: Mobile Government and Cross-border Service Interoperability

TRACK 16: Digital Government and Sustainable Development Goals

TRACK 17: Digital Government, Solidarity and Social Cohesion

TRACK 18: Digital Government Student TRACK




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