48th DAC 2011: San Diego, CA, USA

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Design methods and trends for automotive architectures

Performance and reliability of flash memory systems

System-level power management

Design for manufacturability

Thermal management and modeling for integrated circuits

Design and synthesis of biological circuits

Sweet streams, embedded in multicores

Late flow optimization and rectification

Routing revived

It's all in the models...

Killer apps for 3-D ICs?

Towards embedded systems we can trust: from models to gates

Embedded multiprocessor software synthesis

Wild and crazy ideas

Analog and mixed-signal design in an uncertain world

Scaling and security: does more transistors mean more security?

Need for speed: system-level analysis and design

Trends in system-level design space exploration and optimization

Validation and test: the yin and yang

Leakage power optimization

Design and technology at 14nm node: myths and realities

Punctual software: it's about time

System verification: is formal the new normal?

Clocks and circuits

Model reduction and accelerated extraction

Pre-silicon verification methods for post-silicon validation

Embedded systems case studies and design methods

Logic synthesis: old stories with new twists

3-D IC design