CVPR 2013: Portland, OR, USA - Workshops

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Mobile Vision

S1: Mobile Visual Recognition and Search

S2: Mobile Motion Analysis

S3: Mobile Imaging and Detection

S4: Demos


S1: Face Recognition I

S2: Fingerprint Matching I

S3: Antispoofing Techniques

S4: Ocular, Gait, and Template Security

S5: Fingerprint Matching II

S6: Face Recognition II

S7: Performance Improvement

Scene Unterstanding

Symmetry Detection from Real World Images - A Competition

S2: Reflection

S2: Rotation or Translation

Visual Analysis and Geo-localization of Large-Scale Imagery

Action Similarity in Unconstrained Videos

V&L Net Workshop on Language for Vision

Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum

Big Data Computer Vision

Human Activity Understanding from 3D Data

Structured Prediction - Tractability, Learning and Inference

Embedded Vision

S2: Embedded Low-Level Vision

S4: Applications I - Detection of Humans

S5: Panel Session

Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop - Behaviour Analysis in Games and Modern Sensing

S1: Invited and Oral Presentations

S2: Oral Presentations

Grassmannian Sparse Representations and Motion Depth Surfaces for 3D

Ground Truth - What Is a Good Dataset

Poster Session

Socially Intelligent Surveillance and Monitoring