3rd COMSNETS 2011: Bangalore, India

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COMSNETS Technical Papers

Security I

Pervasive & Ubiquitous Computing

IPTV, Video and Mobility

Security II

Network Topology

Wireless & 4G/WiMax - I

Resilience & Network Planning

Multimedia & Wireless I

Wireless Protocols

Multimedia & Wireless II

Network Architectures and Systems

Virtualisation & Scaling

Wireless & 4G/WiMax - II

Network Algorithms

Poster Session

COMSNETS 2011 Workshop Papers

WISARD 2011: International Workshop on Wireless Systems Advanced Research and Development

IAMCOM 2011: Fifth Workshop on Intelligent Networks: Adaptation, Communication & Reconfiguration

Self-adaptive Network Systems

Distributed Control Algorithms

Adaptive Network Control

Nethealth 2011: Workshop on Networked Healthcare Technology


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