39th COMPSAC 2015: Taichung, Taiwan

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COMPSAC Keynote Abstracts

ECpE: COMPSAC Symposium on Embedded and Cyber-physical Environments

ECpE 1: Cyber-physical Systems

ECpE 2: Embedded Systems Design, Analysis, and Ethics

ECpE 3: Cyber-physical Systems 2

SETA: COMPSAC Symposium on Software Engineering Technologies and Applications

SETA 1: Requirements Engineering

SETA 2: Testing and Debugging

SETA 3: Modeling and Language Design

SETA 4: Mobile and Cloud Applications

SETA 5: Analysis

SETA 6: Testing and Debugging 2

SETA 7: Empirical Study

SETA 8: Software-Based Services

SETA 9: Software Architecture and Quality

TAIN: COMPSAC Symposium on Technologies and Applications of the Internet

TAIN 1: Network Traffic

TAIN 2: Network Applications and Security

TAIN 3: Cloud Management

SEPT: COMPSAC Symposium on Security, Privacy and Trust Computing

SEPT 1: Malware Analysis

SEPT 2: Bufferoverflow Prevention

SEPT 3: Access Control

SEPT 4: Attack Prevention

MOWU: COMPSAC Symposium on Mobile, Wearable, and Ubiquitous Computing

MOWU 1: Crowdsourcing and Sensing

MOWU 2: Context Awareness

MOWU 3: Virtual Machines and Embedded Systems

MOWU 4: Networking and Systems

WEDA: COMPSAC Symposium on Web Technologies and Data Analytics

WEDA 1: Web Technologies

WEDA 2: Data Analytics

HUMA: COMPSAC Symposium on Human-Machine and Aware Computing

HUMA 1: HCI and Affective Computing

HUMA 2: Intelligent Classification Systems

NATA: COMPSAC Symposium on Novel Applications and Technology Advances in Computing

NATA 1: Advanced Computing Environments

NATA 2: Panel

NATA 3: Advanced Optimizations