2. CISIS 2008: Barcelona, Spain

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Wireless Networks

P2P Computing

Software Intensive Systems

Parallel, Autonomic & Service-Based Applications

Distributed Systems and Simulation

Global Scale Complex Intelligent Systems

Optimization and Mathematical Modelling

Sensor Networks, MANET and Applications

Web & Ontology and Semantic Approaches

XML & Data Processing

Applications of Complex and Intelligent Systems

3PGIC 2008

Grid Resource Management & Services

P2P Computing

Data Grids

ASHEs 2008

Adaptivity and Coordination in Heterogeneous Systems

Advanced Networks and Distributed Systems

CESA 2008

Group Awareness and Scaffolding and Case Studies of Collaborative Learning Applications

Collaborative Peer to Peer and E-Learning System Design Issues

ECDS 2008

Methodologies & Engineering Approaches

Techniques & Applications


Networking Systems and Applications

Seign of Multicore Networks-on-Chips Systems

Multicore Systems and Applications

IIBM 2008

Intelligent Informatics in Biology and Medicine I

Intelligent Informatics in Biology and Medicine II

IIHCI 2008

Chatbots and AI Based Techniques

Multi-Modal Interfaces Design

Visualization Techniques

Controllers and Devices

MuCoCos 2008