45th CinC 2018: Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Session M1 - Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Finals

Session S21 - Novel Quantification Approaches from Cardiovascular Imaging

Session S23 - Cardiovascular Mechanics

Session S24 - Balistocardiography, Seismocardiography, and PPG

Session S31 - Cardiac Function from Imaging

Session S32 - Technical Progress in ECG Imaging

Session S33 - Medical Informatics Technology

Session S34 - AF Drivers & Targets

Session S41 - Heart Rate Variability: Methods

Session S42 - ECG Processing of Exercise

Session S43 - ECG Analysis for AF

Session S44 - Special Session: Personalized Medicine

Session S51 - Heart Rate Variability: Applications

Session S52 - Modeling Ion Channels and Cells

Session S53 - AF Detection and Simulation

Session S54 - ECG Processing and Artificial Intelligence

Session S61 - Modeling Ensembles of Cells

Session S62 - Special Session: Physics vs Machine Learning Based Approaches in ECG Approaches in ECGI

Session S63 - Cardiorespiratory Autonomic Iterations

Session S64 - ECG Processing of Ventricular Repolarization

Session P7 - Poster Session with Reception

Session P71 - Modeling Ion Channels, Cells and Fetal Signals