16th CIKM 2007: Lisbon, Portugal

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XML query processing (DB)

Semantic annotation (KM)

Natural language I (IR)

Enterprise information management (IND)

Classification and clustering I (KM)

Web retrieval I (IR)

Spatio-temporal databases and time series streams (DB)

Explanation, knowledge provenance and synthesis (KM)

IR modeling (IR)

Record linkage and approximate matching (DB)

Miscellaneous (IR)

Query expansion (IR)

Query processing (DB)

Classification and clustering II (KM)

Semantic IR (IR)

OLAP and multi-dimensional databases (DB)

Information extraction, conceptual clustering, and prioritization (KM)

Web retrieval II (IR)

Graph based retrieval (IR)

Data exploration and discovery (KM)

IR evaluation (IR)

Performance issues (DB)

Information representation and integration (KM)

Natural language II (IR)

Indexing (IR)

Data mining (KM)

Natural language III (IR)

Poster session