1. CICSyN 2009: Indore, India

Plenary Abstracts

Track: 01(A) Intelligent Systems

Track: 02(B) Hybrid Intelligent Systems & Hybrid Soft Computing

Track 03(C) Sensor Nodes, Circuits, Devices, Wireless Sensor Networks

Track: 04(D) RFIDs and their Applications

Track: 05(E) Protocols and Standards

Track: 06(F) Modelling and Performance

Track: 07(G) Software Platforms and Middleware

Track: 08(H) Tools and Techniques for Design, Deployment, Testing and Evaluation

Track: 09(I) Security, Authentication, Wireless Security, Dependability

Track: 11(K) Image, Speech and Signal Processing

Track: 12(L) Transport, Logistics, Harbour, Shipping and Marine

Track: 14(N) Parallel and Distributed Architectures and Systems

Track: 15(O) Internet Modelling, Semantic Web and Ontologies

Track: 16(P) Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Track: 17(Q) Vehicular Technology and Networks

Track: 19(S) QoS for Voice and Video in Wireless Networks

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