22nd CCS 2015: Denver, CO, USA

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Keynote Talks

Session 1A: How Real World Crypto Fails

Session 1B: MAC OS and iOS Security

Session 1C: Censorship and Resistance

Session 2A: Authenticated Encryption

Session 2B: Android and Web Forensics

Session 2C: Password Security

Session 3A: Using CryptoCurrency

Session 3B: Memory Randomization

Session 3C: Wireless and VoLTE Security

Session 4A: Applied Crypto

Session 4B: Software Vulnerabilities

Session 4C: Assessing Current Defences

Session 5A: Computing on Encrypted Data

Session 5B: Understanding Android Apps

Session 5C: Scanning the Web

Session 6A: Garbled Circuits

Session 6B: Web Application Security

Session 6C: Property-Preserving Encryption

Session 7A: CryptoCurrency

Session 7B: Analyzing Obfuscated Code

Session 7C: Online Social Networks

Session 8A: Outsourced Storage

Session 8B: Control Flow Integrity

Session 8C: Enhancing Trust

Session 9A: Coding, Commitments, and Cipher Design

Session 9B: Security-Related Ecosystems

Session 9C: Formal Methods Meet Cryptography

Session 10A: Key Exchange: Theory and Practice

Session 10B: Mobile Device Attacks

Session 10C: Statistical Privacy

Session 11A: Privacy-Preserving Authentication

Session 11B: Web Attacks

Session 11C: Surveillance and Countermeasures