BigData Congress 2017: Honolulu, HI, USA

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BigData Congress Research Track

Research Session 1: Machine Learning for Big Data

Research Session 2: Big Data Analytics Framework

Research Session 3: Big Data Privacy and Protection

Research Session 4: Social Big Data

Research Session 5: Big Data Systems

Research Session 6: Big Data Performance

Research Session 7: Resource Management in Big Data

Research Session 8: Big Data Processing

Research Session 9: Big Data Learning

Research Session 10: Big Data Case Study

BigData Congress Visionary Track

BigData Congress Application Track

Session 1: Big Data QoS

Session 2: Machine Learning in Big Data

Session 3: Big Data Processing

Session 4: Big Data Mining

Session 5: Big Data Algorithms

Session 6: Big Data Case Studies

Session 7: Big Data Models

Session 8: Big Data Analysis

BigData Congress Theme Track

Session 1: Big Data Management

Session 2: Big Data Management

Session 3: Real-Time Big Data Case Analytics

BigData Congress Short Paper Track

Session 1: Big Data Processing

Session 2: QoS of Big Data

Session 3: Big Data Applications

Session 4: Satellite Session

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