BigData Congress 2015: New York City, NY, USA

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Research Track

Research Session 1: Mining I

Research Session 2: Mining II

Research Session 3: Big Data and Social Network

Research Session 4: Big Data and Social Network

Research Session 5: Privacy

Research Session 6: Big Data and Learning

Research Session 7: Query

Research Session 8: Big Data Processing

Research Session 9: Big Data Quality

Research Session 10: Big Data Platform/Framework

Research Session 11: Big Data Semantics

Research Session 12: Analysis on Big Data Research and Platforms

Data Science Special Track

DS Session 1

DS Session 2

Big Data Research in Healthcare Special Track

BDRH Session 1

BDRH Session 2

Shenzhen Satellite Track

Shenzhen Satellite Session 1

Taipei Satellite Track

Taipei Satellite Session 1

Application Track

Applications Session 1: Big Data and Health

Applications Session 2: Big Data and Network Management

Applications Session 3: Distributed Processing

Applications Session 4: Social Network

Applications Session 5: Social Media

Applications Session 6: Image Processing

Applications Session 7: Big Data Application

Applications Session 8: Optimization

Applications Session 9: Evaluation

Applications Session 10: Big Data Framework

Applications Session 11: Big Data Use Cases

Short Paper Track

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6