BHI 2017: Orland, FL, USA

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Rapid Fire Session 01: Imaging Informatics (Special Session)

Thu1.1: Bioinformatics (Regular Session)

Rapid Fire Session 02: Sensor Informatics I (Special Session)

Thu1.2: Health Informatics (Public/Lifestyle) (Regular Session)

Thu1.3: Imaging Informatics (Regular Session)

Thu2.3: New Generation Personal Health Systems (PHS) for Smart Connected Health (Special Session)

Rapid Fire Session 03: Sensor Informatics II (Special Session)

Fri1.1: Sensor Informatics (Activity/Motion) (Regular Session)

Rapid Fire Session 04: Health Informatics (Special Session)

Fr1.2: Sensor Informatics (Monitoring/Architecture) (Regular Session)

Fr1.3: Health Informatics (Disease Management) (Regular Session)

Rapid Fire Session 05: General and Theoretical Informatics I (Special Session)

Sat1.1: General and Theoretical Informatics (Machine Learning Methods) (Regular Session)

Sat1.2: Brain / Head Informatics (Regular Session)

Rapid Fire Session 06: General and Theoretical Informatics II (Special Session)

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