AAMAS 2014: Paris, France

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Invited talks

Session A1 - game theory I

Session B1 - voting I

Session C1 - humans and agents I

Session D1 - norms

Session E1 - verification and validation I

Session F1 - learning I

Session A2 - algorithmic game theory I

Session B2 - information I

Session C2 - social networks I

Session D2 - agent oriented software engineering I

Session E2 - logic I

Session F2 - task and goods allocation I

Session A3 - teams

Session B3 - task and goods allocation II

Session C3 - crowdsourcing

Session D3 - adversarial search

Session E3 - argumentation and negotiation

Session F3 - information II

Session A4 - game theory II

Session B4 - voting II

Session C4 - humans and agents II

Session D4 - social networks II

Session E4 - verification and validation II

Session F4 - planning I

Session A5 - emotions

Session B5 - energy

Session C5 - game theory III

Session A6 - logic II

Session B6 - task and goods allocation III

Session C6 - agent oriented software engineering II

Session D6 - humans and agents III

Session E6 - mechanism design I

Session A7 - auctions